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 Grant Writer’s Toolkit is a step-by-step guide for creating winning grant proposals.                        

  Grant Writer’s Toolkit helps  you plan, organize, &  manage your grant writing project.      

 Grant Writer’s Toolkit contains examples and guidance for each of the following proposal components:  

     1.  Specify the Real Problem
     2.  Identify the Target Population
     3.  Determine what is needed & expected results
     4.  Search funding sources
     5.  Analyze RFPs
     6.  Create Mission Statements
     7.  Write Goals & Objectives
     8.  Develop Proposal Narrative
     9.  Create Budget and Budget Justification
   10.  Write Evaluation Plan
   11.  Complete Continuation and Dissemination Plans, 
   12.  Write Project Synopsis & Executive Summary.       

Grant Writer’s Toolkit also contains many internet Resources & helpful grants websites.

Grant Writer’s Toolkit  comes completely installed with Electronic User’s Guide on a PNY Compact Attache 16 GB Black/White USB Flash Drive that can be used with IBM PC/AT, Macintosh, PowerBook, iMAC or iBook for the low cost of $50.00 including shipping & handling if you order before 12/31/2015. 

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