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Hosting a Grant Writing Workshop 

 Unlike pre-packaged seminars that meet in hotel rooms or other rented facilities, Five Star Consulting Grant Writing Workshops are cooperative ventures that utilize the resources and talents of local organizations. Our training programs are conducted with the assistance of a government or nonprofit agency that serves as our Host. The Grant Writing Workshop Hosts offer a supportive environment in which to conduct the training and they help us to keep costs affordable for participants. By providing this public service, hosts also enhance their own visibility and credibility in their communities and among peer institutions. 

 Benefits of Hosting 

 Hosts receive as many as two full-tuition scholarships, depending on enrollment. Hosting also helps the host to network with other local agencies and institutions and to build relationships with funding sources.
Hosts provide a handicapped-accessible facility that can comfortably accommodate 30 people. The recommended minimum training room size is 30'x40'. Breakout space is needed for participants working on individual projects. Hosts also provide support during the program, including refreshments, supplies and use of equipment (easels with flip chart pads, a blackboard or whiteboard, photocopying capability, access to the Internet and several computers with printing capability).

Hosts publicize their training programs in and around their communities. The most successful outreach involves personal contact with key organizations whose constituencies should be encouraged to attend. These key agencies include the United Way; city, county and state agencies; local associations of nonprofits; community foundations; and service organizations, such as the Junior League. Hosts also send a mailing about the program to local agencies and place announcements on listservs and community bulletin boards.  

Five Star Consulting reimburses for expenses incurred in this effort—as well as for refreshments, photocopying, and associated expenses—up to $500 for two-day trainings. 

 For information about hosting a Five Star Consulting Grant Writing Workshop, call Anthony Caetano at (401) 480-7519 or e-mail  We can answer any questions!    

Hosting a Grant Writing Event. 

 Partner with Five Star Consulting to bring a two-day workshop to your community at a facility you provide and you'll receive complimentary seats in the workshop, great PR and an opportunity to showcase your agency to a variety of community partners.  Our event team will work closely with you to jointly promote your workshop and ensure the event is a success. The objective of the collaborative promotion effort is to bring potential non-profit attendees to workshop.  Once that happens, Five Star Consulting takes care of everything: registrations, pre- and post-workshop customer support, incoming phone calls, invoicing, everything.   

How much does it cost to host a workshop? 
 Zero.  Five Star Consulting covers all trainer expenses and provides all materials for the training.  Assuming you incur no expenses related to promoting the event (which you shouldn't - it's almost all email and faxes) or the facility at which the event is held, you pay zero for the training.  Five Star Consulting’s compensation is from registrations and we solely take the financial risk. 

How many free seats do I get? You'll start with two free seats then, for every ten paid enrollments we receive, you'll get another free seat.  You're welcome to use or give away those seats.  You can even sell them and in so doing use the workshop as a fundraiser. 

How many participants do we need? Twenty is our goal for each workshop.  We find that a motivated host who follows our standard marketing plan combined with the efforts of our seasoned event team can successfully meet that goal.  While we do not expect your agency to guarantee a minimum number of participants, we do need a room that holds at least twenty attendees.  If enrollments for your event exceed 40, we'll most likely require a sound system and riser for the trainer.  Larger groups are fine, but only if the training room is suitable.     

What about the training room? It should be set up with long tables in school room or horseshoe style with ample room for participants to work.  Please avoid gymnasiums, cafeterias and other "acoustically challenged" rooms.  As for equipment, a white board and a projector that accepts a laptop signal are required as is a live, high-speed Internet connection.  We will need web access to conduct live demonstrations of grant research strategies, which is always a popular and important part of the class.  Your trainer will bring their own laptop computer. 

When can we do it? We'll need at least 8 weeks to effectively coordinate and promote your event.  The further out you schedule, the better.  Since our workshops are two days long, Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday combinations usually work best.  You pick your days and we'll do our best to make it happen. 

What else? We'll rely on you to give us two local hotel recommendations.  Your recommendations will be posted on our web site along with your event's info and registration.  Travelers will appreciate the local insight. While not required, your guests will appreciate coffee in the morning and water, sodas or juice in the afternoon.  If you can make that happen you'll make a lot of people smile!  

What's next? Contact one of our master trainers in your area, Tony Caetano, at  401-480-7519 e-mail:  We can answer any questions! 

One final option: a private event. With this type of class, you handle the registrations and charge participants whatever you feel is appropriate.  The price for a two-day private event is currently $1,500 plus travel, lodging and meals for the trainer.  If you have 35 or more team members you'd like to train or if you'd like a customized and targeted class, this is by far a better value, all training materials and resources are included in the flat-fee.  

Welcome!  If you're ready to learn how to find and write grants you've come to the right place.  Beginning and experienced grant writers from city, county and state agencies as well as nonprofits, K-12, colleges and universities are encouraged to attend.  You do not need to work in the same profession as the host agency.

Tuition:  Tuition is $500 per person and includes everything - workbook, the 300+MB resource CD, two days of terrific instruction and lifetime, free access to our exclusive FIVE STAR FORUMS

Payment Policy:  Payment by credit card at the time of enrollment is preferred, however, you may pay later by check.  Our registration system will auto-generate a personalized invoice/receipt for you immediately after you enroll.  If you choose to pay by check, it is your responsibility to print the online invoice and guide it through your purchasing channels.  We do not mail invoices.  Payment by check or card is required by the workshop date unless other arrangements are made. 

Purchase Orders:  If you work for a government agency and want to pay by purchase order, when you register online choose the "pay by check" option.  The web site will auto-generate a printable invoice.  Print the invoice, give it and your purchase order to your purchasing department and they'll send the check.  That's it! 

Cancelation Policy:  Withdrawals are allowed up to one week prior to the workshop.  Tuition refunds - less a $30 admin charge - are made by check and mailed within 5 working days of receiving your cancellation.  If you cancel within one week of the workshop or if you're registered for a workshop and fail to show up, you are obliged to submit your tuition in full and are then prepaid for and welcome to attend any future workshop we offer within one year of the workshop you cancelled. 

Late Registrants:  If you register within 10 days of the class, you may cancel your registration up to 5 days after by notifying us via email. Your tuition refund will be made by check and mailed within 5 working days of receiving your cancellation notice or will be refunded to your credit card.

Questions?  Email or call Five Star Consulting, at 401-480-7519  We can answer any questions!


How much do your workshops cost and what do I get for my money? The grant writing class tuition is $500 and includes everything: two days of terrific instruction, work book and accompanying 420+MB CD.  The CD contains reference books, useful tools, links to funders PLUS sample grant applications.  Graduates often comment that the CD alone is worth the cost of admission – it’s included at no additional cost. 

What information do you cover? The grant writing class covers how to write grant proposals start to finish and how to locate and track relevant grant opportunities.  Federal, state, local and non-governmental, private sector grants are covered.  You'll learn everything you need to know to get started writing grants. Beginning and experienced grant writers from city, county and state agencies as well as nonprofits, K-12, colleges and universities are encouraged to attend. 

Are the classes for beginning or experienced participants? Both.  Historically, about 65% of those who attend our workshops are first timers.  Beginners learn what they need to be successful.  Experienced attendees gain new insights, sharpen skills, affirm their knowledge and value, and leave with a sense of renewed confidence in their abilities and mission. 

How and when can I pay my tuition? Payment by check or card is required by the workshop date unless other arrangements are made in advance.  That said, if you work for a government agency and choose to pay by check and you know it won't arrive by the workshop date, no problem, that's not unusual.  All we ask is that you do your best to move things along on your end before and after the class.  Payment at the time of registration is requested but not required. 

Who should attend? Our workshops are for government and nonprofit professionals.  Staff, administrators, grant managers and makers, consultants and board members are welcome.  For-profit businesses seeking grants to fund workforce development and training or, research and development for the advancement of technology, medicine and/or national security are welcome, as are individual grant seekers such as artists, filmmakers and researchers.  Faith-based organizations are encouraged to attend. 

What about special services for persons with disabilites? We make every reasonable effort to accommodate special needs.  For our hard of hearing and deaf friends, give us a 30-day notice in advance of your workshop and we'll ensure that translator is provided.  If you're visually impaired, our printed materials are available in large print format.   If you use a wheelchair or for any other reason would like a special seating location, let us know any time before class and we'll have our instructor reserve your desired seating.

Do I have to buy anything else to be a successful grant writer? No, although having web access at your place of work is necessary as nearly every part of the grants process is in some way dependent on the web. 

What's the itinerary? Grant writing class: both days, 8:30 a.m. sharp to not later than 4 p.m. with lunch on your own from noon 'til 1:00 P.M.  Dress casual and comfortable. 

Who teaches the workshops? Our instructors each have more than twenty years experience.  They must exceed rigorous personal and professional standards before they're invited to join our team.   

You don't have a workshop scheduled in my area.  Why?  Any plans to? We schedule workshops where we're invited.  Once that happens, we seek a local host to assist in the preparations.  Got a suggestion?  Drop us a line! At Five Star Consultanting, 20 Courtney Circle, Sedona, AZ 86336. Questions?  Email or call Five Star Consulting, at 401-480-7519.  We can answer any questions!

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